Small scale forestry activities are labor intensive to begin with.  Add the difficulty of
removing logs with ropes, hooks, & chains and the process becomes more frustrating.  The
logs would continually dig into the soil, making them increasingly more difficult to drag.

Enter the Log Sled
TM, an innovative, versatile log skidding device that can connect to an
ATV, garden tractor, or other towing vehicle to simplify the small scale forestry operations
and reduce the potential for wear and tear on power equipment.  

Other products exist in the market, however the Log Sled
TM is the only product capable of
skidding long uncut logs and/or stacks of pre-cut logs.  Additionally, the Log Sled
TM is the
only product that utilizes both a sturdy tongue
and a "wheel-less" design!  This combination
allows you to tackle
ANY terrain in ANY weather conditions.
That looks difficult!
That is much better!
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