The following features make the Log SledTM extremely durable & versatile:

  • The engineered base is custom manufactured with 1/4" solid steel plate and designed to have
    physics work to your advantage;

  • The sturdy steel tongue with 1 7/8" ball coupler creates a secure connection to the vehicle,
    allowing for smooth starts and stops unlike some other wheel-based or chain-based devices;

  • Rigid metal eyelets are strategically welded to the base to work in conjunction with the angled
    back edge of the device to secure loads during transport.

The Log SledTM is the most versatile ATV log skidding device on the market!  

  • Field tested in all weather conditions!

  • "Wheel-less" design is capable of skidding logs on ANY terrain, in ANY condition.

  • "Wheel-less" design removes the "bent axle" and "flat tire" concerns of the wheel-based log
    skidders and logging arches.

  • Highly engineered design results in minimal downward tongue weight for your towing vehicle

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions (main body): 36" L  x  24" W  x  17" H --- Tongue: 24" L  x  2" W

  • Extra-long base allows you to skid long uncut logs or a stack of pre-cut logs

  • At 85 lbs., the Log SledTM is easy to maneuver & transport from location to location.

  • The rotating tongue allows the Log SledTM to fold up for easy storage.

** Tested well with logs having diameters and lengths ranging from 7" x 25' to 18" x 10' !

Put aside the hooks and chains; save yourself time and effort...
The Log SledTM is backed by a five (5) year limited warranty!
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