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The Log SledTM allows you to skid logs more
effectively with your ATV and can even be used
with your garden tractor or similar towing vehicle.  
Log SledTM easily connects using a
standard 1-7/8" ball coupler and converts your
machine into a mini log skidder.

Log SledTM is simply the most versatile and
most durable log skidding device available in the
market for small-scale forestry projects.

Log Sled, LLC
Slippery Rock, PA  16057

Email Sales
For information or a dealer near you, call
Toll Free: 888-LOG-SLED
The Log SledTM is virtually
indestructable and is guaranteed
from breakage for 5 full years!
Tired of pulling logs with a chain and having them "dig" into the ground?

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